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About Me

About Me

I've been programming computer graphics for over 20 years, and doing so professionally in the games industry since 1998.

In my free time I make digital art, which you can see on this site, and on my Shadertoy and Tumblr pages, and I recently took up programming for fun (which I haven't done since people started paying me for it) and have started a blog about it. I also like taking pictures of my LEGO, Warhammer 40k, and motorsports, and I'm on twitter too.

I use 2 names: in the real world I'm Ben Quantock (née Weston), and online I go by the alias of Tekno Frannansa (Tek, for short). The reasons for this are far less interesting than you might think.

About evilsuperbrain.com

This website was founded in 2000, and has been the home of my extracurricular activities ever since. It predominantly houses pictures I've created in a fantastic piece of free software called POV-Ray, which I highly recommend to the technically & artistically minded. Where possible I provide source so users of povray can reproduce my images and see how they're constructed.

One day I'll get around to overhauling this site to be a bit more interesting, and a better hub for my online presence... One day...



Games I've worked on:

Graphics competition entries:


Photos of my leaving party in the UK

My best friend Em's wedding

My brother Dan visiting me in LA

Renaults at Donington '06 '07

Christmas '03

Holiday in hawaii

The London Motorshow '06 '08

Silverstone 1000km Le Mans Series '10

Donington Historic Races '12